Production Designer

Samsung: It's time for terabyte ssd

Director: mika vaso

Production Company: Cylndr

Production Designer

Facebook Games: Perfect Match

Director: Jerry O'Flaherty

Production Company: Delve Films

Production designer

Top Model Norway:TV promo

Director: Ray Kay

Production Company: Intergalatic supercorp

Production Designer

Facebook f8: Build better

Director: Jonpaul douglass

Production Company: Delve

Production Designer

Behr Educational: The Dirty Truth

Director: Christopher Laughter

Production Company: Snackhaus

Production Designer

Petsmart: Adoption Anthem

Director: Sky Pinnick

Production Company: Rage Productions

Asst Art Director

Ego Power Mower

Director: Bo Krabbe

Production Company: Motion Theory

Art Director

Reebok: The Classic

Director: Colin Tilley

Production Company: Yella

Art Director

Choctaw Casino: Welcome to the WOW

Director: Tony Petrossian

Production Company: Original FIlms

Art Director

Kelly Blue book: Payload

Director: Ben Callner

Production Company: Uber Content